Vray v1.2.5.5. for Cinema4D r12 (Win / Mac)

Vray v1.2.5.5. for Cinema4D r12 (Win / Mac)

Vray v1.2.5.5. for Cinema4D r12 (Win / Mac)

Vray. for Cinema4D r12 (Win / Mac) | 180mb

VRAYC4D rendering system (imaging), the core of which is developed by Chaos Group (Bulgaria) and adapt it directly embedded plug-ins by LAUBlab_KG for Cinema 4D.
V-Ray - a powerful visualization tool that supports the Depth of Field (DOF), Motion Blur (effect of "smearing" in the motion), Displacement (displacement map, with increasing detail of three-dimensional objects), Vray Fur (fur, grass), Vray Dirt (the "contamination"), etc.


* Faster draw thumbs mats
* Faster considered displeys
* New presets GI.
* Light mode mesh better interact with the instance and orthopantomography
* Improved control Fiz. palate, which can cover separately from the sun, and vice versa.
* The light sources can be put texture. It is necessary to 100-500 times their increase.
* Otzerkalennye with minus in the coordinates of the objects are no longer artifacts (normal to go to render properly)
* You can change the color of the shade from the sun.
* Shadows can now also texture. Texture to a 100-500 times increase.
* The intensity of any light source you can now specify the physical quantities (not just the area)
* Card Material Weight now able to restrict or blend displeys.

New Features

* Kernel 1.90.03
* Fizkorrektnaya variance in Refraction layer (expansion waves on the spectrum?)
* Exit color in the channels of reflection and refration
* Option view sample anti-aliasing
* Option, restrict the length of the rays in GI (may speed up rendering, but it depends on the stage)
* Real Dim checkbox in the channel reflection, sunset reflection in recession DEPTH
* New option to overwrite material
* New option for materials and facilities, forcing them to miscalculate brute force
* Added ability to load a texture knockouts in the channel refraction, and haze began to work faster and SSS
* Added option to Compensate exposure to the channel Luminance, which "holds" regardless of the extent of the illuminated display fizkamery.
* Added settings for controlling the effects of light sources to the surface and the gloss
* In the Light Cache was possible to regulate some depth rays
* The SSS is now possible to transform the objects into natural smoke. (As in the Fog blue mats)
* The channels Diffuse Luminance and it became possible to include a MUD. As well as its ability to invert (in the corners clean, and very dirty).
* You can change the color of light directly at the source, without having to climb into the tag.
* Option to radiate from the other side of the landfill Luminance
* You can adjust the brightness of the haze in the refraction
* An option that automatically connects to the trash AA thresh DMC (recommended by developer)
* Option to regulate the presence of shadows cast by the glow of the sky
* You can include a visual rendering of the caustic phase
* Vray Fur. You can grow grass, lay carpets fur (fuzziness seen on imaging)
* Fog in Enviroment. Scenes from the examples speak for themselves
* In Vray isparvleno preview materials - the black slot "
* In Vray binary code - support for CINEMA 4D 12
VRAY FOR CINEMA 4D 10.5-12.0-13.02.2011.


Unpack the archive folder VrayBridge in the path to the CINEMA 4D R12 \ plugins ". Generate a key tablet (belongs to the folder Crack) and put the key in the main folder Cinema. To use a serial tablet, which can be found in most Cinema at Help-Personalize. That's all. Working version of 100, just tested the.
To the rendering was not an empty black screen to light expose VrayBridge Tag-Vray Light, the materials we use Vray Converter. IMHO version is a bit buggy, frequent crashes, I advise you often persist. Helps the appointment of the properties and textures of the material before use on the site.

Developer: LAUBlab_KG
Platform: Intel
System requirements: intel MAC, we recommend as minimum 2ghz with cpu cores, we stongly recommend 4gb or more and a 64bit machine or best performance use 4,8, or 16 core machines with 2gb ram per cpu. inte Ix7 and xeon nehalem prefered. VRAYforC4D is optimized to scale very efficient with multiple cores
Language: English
Tablet: Is present
Size: 182 Мб

Vray v1.2.5.5. for Cinema4D r12 (Win / Mac)

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